Terms & Conditions

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1. Introduction
A. Sha7en main goal is to share in the green energy development, through implementing a successful EV (Electric Vehicles) charging infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Moreover, Sha7en aims to provide the customers with a sustainable pool of EV charging points, and to give the electric vehicle drivers access to the charging stations location by using RFID cards or mobile application.
B. The following Terms and Conditions set the guidelines of the connection among Sha7en and the Customer/End User who is the user of the service supplied with the aid of using Sha7en Charging locations with appreciate to Clause 14, and the term “Customer” refers to natural and legal persons.
Sha7en Service Include:
- Information via Sha7en Mobile Application or Web Site concerning the charging station availability, and their locations.
C. If the Customer is a user for the Services, Chargers, Website and Application of Sha7en, all vital accredited consumer safety legal guidelines and policies relevant withinside the Arab Republic of Egypt may be applied, as long as the legal guidelines and policies permits the Customer with extra safety than the safety set out herein. These Terms and Conditions should not follow to thelevel of Customer’s rights restriction as described in such vital accredited consumer safety legal

2. Rules and Regulations
The declared policies and guidelines will follow to all traffic and customers of this Web Site or Mobile Application. By the use of this Web Site or Mobile Application, the person is admitting these terms and conditions. Sha7en has the proper to alternate those policies and guidelines every so often at its personal will. In the case of any violation of those policies and guidelines, Sha7en has the proper to searching for all solutions with respect to regulation and equity for such violations. These policies and guidelines follow to all visits to the Web Site or Mobile Application, for now and for the future.

3. Rates & Billing
All of the preliminary fees of the charging service are legitimate inclusive of VAT and are declared at the Mobile Application before starting the charging process. Initial fees might also appear in the shape of expenses per kWh of energy, expenses per time of parking of an electric powered automobile on the charging station, charging process beginning expenses, in addition to any other, indicated preliminary expenses. The consumer is admitting that the very last rate of the charging service is exactly depending on the consumer use, as an example on time of charging, kWh fee of consumed energy. Consequently, it is not always appear before beginning the charging process.


4. The Customer’s Duty
A. It is the Customer’s duty to make sure of the following:
B. The Customer should not use charging stations that shows an error message or has visible defects or damages.

The charging station must be suitable for the vehicle to be charged.
C. The charging process begins and ends correctly with respect to the correct charging standards.
D. It is the Customer’s obligation to ensure that the registered card (Debit/Credit) on Sha7en Mobile Application is valid, has sufficient balance for the charging procedure, not blocked and not expired. In case that debiting failed or no longer possible, Sha7en can request the payment from the Customer through different means, which includes sending a separate bill for the Customer’s use of the Service.
E. It is the Customer’s duty to make sure that their payment information registered on the Sha7en Mobile Application account is always updated and valid at the time of using the charging station through the Service, and failure to do so may cause a block for the Customer account by Sha7en.
F. The Customer ought to sign up by their e-mail and a designated password for logging into their Sha7en account. The  Customer is responsible for maintaining the password security, avoid writing the password down thus third parties can understand what it is used for, and for not using the password in any other manner that offers different human beings get access to the information.
G. The Customer should obey the parking restrictions and rules at the charging station.

5. Our Duty
A. Sha7en will respect the provision of the Terms and Conditions.
B. Sha7en is allowed to make any modifications to the shape, specs or settings of the Web Site, Mobile Application and/or payable service.Sha7en has the right to observe the use of the website and/ or the application service, and to verify whether such use is in compliance with these Terms.
C. Sha7en is allowed to involve its associates or subcontractors to gain insight on the overall performance of the offerings defined in those Terms and Conditions, if that is essential for the best overall performance. You agree that we are able to share any relevant information provided by you right here to with such party.

6. Operation & Use
A. The Customer can set up the charging process on the stations by the use of Sha7en RFID card or Application. The charging station will then be geared up and offering its function.
B. As Sha7en is not using any operators for the charging stations to
I. Guarantees the operation and maintenance of the charging stations; and
II. Offer correct steps for the use of the charging stations. Sha7en cannot assure the capability or availability of the charging stations or the accuracy of such steps. However, Sha7en can be sharing the steps with the customers via Sha7en Application and website.
C. The payment feature of Sha7en Mobile Application operates only inside Sha7ens’ network and community. Charging stations not related to Sha7ens' network require a separate agreement among the consumer and the corresponding operator or provider company of the other charging station.
D. Moreover,
I. the electric vehicle that is being charged at a charging station; and
II. the equipment used by the Customer (including any electricity converters, adapters or cables) must be fitting the customer purpose and comply with to the charging station standards and fulfill all relevant felony provisions on the applicable times. Sha7en is not in charge when a damage or defect happens to the electric vehicle/equipment itself caused by the used equipment.

7. Payment
A. The invoice of the charging process is created automatically as soon as charging session is done.
B. Payment must be made by direct debit or credit card charge.
C. If no other arrangement is made in writing, Sha7en sends invoices to consumers only electronically through the app.
D. Customers can view their billing history and current balance by logging into their application accounts.
E. If a Customer wishes to file a complaint, they must do so within 60 days of the date on which the purchase transaction in issue became available on their account. The type of error must be specified in the complaint. Aside from exclusions owing to statutory legislation, the error inquiry and remedy will not be done if this is not done correctly. Sha7en investigates and resolves complaints about incorrectly charged costs. If a complaint is accepted, Sha7en will promptly reimburse the Customer for the amount. If a complaint is denied, Sha7en will notify the customer of the outcome of the complaint investigation and explain Sha7en's stance.

8. Customer’s Liability for Unauthorized Use of the Service
A. Any unauthorised use of the Service with the Customer's Sha7en account or through the Sha7en application is the responsibility of the Customer. If a consumer believes their account has been used by an unauthorised person or in an unlawful manner, they must tell Sha7en immediately.
B. If a customer's phone is lost and the Sha7en application is installed on it, the customer must immediately notify Sha7en via email (info@sha7en.co).
C. If the Customer fails to notify Sha7en of the loss or theft of their phone, they are fully accountable for any reported purchase transactions.
D. Following receipt of notification of the Customer's loss or theft, Sha7en will block the Customer's account, which will not be reopened. However, the customer will be able to open a new account with Sha7en, subject to the terms and circumstances that apply.

9. Liability
A. Without prejudice to clause 9 (Force Majeure), Sha7en is only liable for a breach of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions if a Customer notifies Sha7en via email with a complete description of the violation and a reasonable treatment period of at least Fifteen (15) Business Days, and Sha7en fails to take corrective action within that
reasonable period.
B. Any liability that Sha7en may experience caused by a reasonable effort obligation.
Except in case of Sha7en's fraud or fraudulent intent, Sha7en's liability for a violation of its obligations under the Agreement is limited to compensation of proven direct damages in accordance with the following principles, which apply cumulatively:
I. Invoice's total cumulative liability is limited to the net invoice amount of Services, the charge for the year in which the cause of action arises.
II. Sha7en is not responsible for any indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of income, loss of revenue, loss of anticipated savings, loss of opportunity, loss of customers, claims of logistic service providers or other third parties, damage as a result of data loss and/or corruption, loss of goodwill, and reputational damage.
III. Sha7en is not liable for any losses or costs incurred by Customer or third parties as a consequence of Customer's breach of its responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions, or as a result of Customer's or a third party's conduct or omission.

10. Force Majeure
(a) Force Majeure in these Terms and Conditions means any unforeseen and irresistible act, event or circumstance arising from causes beyond the control and without fault or negligence of either party to the contract which renders the party unable wholly or partly to perform its obligations and fulfill its responsibilities under these terms and conditions.
These acts, events or circumstances include but are not limited to: acts of terrorism; Wars (declared or undeclared), invasions, rebellions, riots, civil disturbances, sieges, embargoes, sanctions, restrictions on currency, commerce, acts of state, laws or regulations, plagues, epidemics, natural disasters, or severe natural events (such as landslides, earthquakes, storms,
lightning, floods and drift), explosions, equipment destruction due to fire, extended breakdown of transportation, communications, information system, or power.
(b) Neither party shall be deemed to be in default or in breach of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions if performance of such obligations is prevented by force majeure.
(c) If either party considers that a force majeure affecting the performance of its obligations has occurred, it shall immediately notify the other party and provide full details in writing including its likely duration and effect on the other party.11. Term & Termination
1. The term is indefinite and can be ended by giving notice until the end of the month. The Customer may terminate the Agreement in writing at the postal or email address specified in clause 14 and does not need to provide a reason.
2. If there is a compelling reason, an extraordinary right of termination exists. Sha7en, in particular, has the right to issue notice to terminate these Terms and Conditions or to refuse to provide a charging procedure if the Customer has not fixed the situation within a reasonable period after receiving a reminder in the following cases:
I. I the Customer fails to meet their payment obligations or there is a payment delay of more than 14 days;
II. the opening of insolvency proceedings over the Customer's assets or the refusal to open proceedings due to a lack of assets or the filing of an insolvency application by the other contractual party;
III. the opening of insolvency proceedings over the Customer's assets or the refusal to open proceedings due to a lack of assets or the filing of an insolvency application by the other contractual;
IV. The Customer uses the Service in violation of these Terms and Conditions or their responsibilities to Sha7en; or
V. Sha7en has reasonable grounds to believe the Service is being misused. The termination of this Terms and Conditions does not affect the existing legal consequences with respect to the charging processes that have taken place.

11. Contractual Modifications
Contractual modifications will be given to the Customers in writing at least 45 days prior to their intended implementation. Both agree that today the electric vehicle charging industry is booming. Without limiting the foregoing, modifications may be made to adapt the Service's operation or these Terms and Conditions to new or modified technologies, devices, standards, legislation, policies, or appropriate technical, information security, administrative, business, operations, or other relevant procedures. The Customer has the right to terminate the contract if he or she does not agree to the modifications in the Terms and Conditions.

12. Instructions for Cancellation
Within 14 days, the Customer can cancel the contractual agreement in text form (e.g., via email) without giving any reasons. The term begins when this instruction is received in text form, but not before the contract is completed. In order to adhere to the cancellation term, the cancellation must be sent in a timely manner. The cancellation should be addressed to info@sha7en.co through email.

13. Data Security
A. In accordance with the terms of the Personal Data Protection Law (2020/151), Sha7en or commissioned service providers collect, process, and use data belonging to the Customer in order to carry out the contractual relationship.
B. In order to activate the charging stations, Identification Numbers are given to the Partner Charging Station Operator.
C. Sha7en's Privacy Policy has more information about how the company handles personal data.
D. Sha7en may use non-personal data gathered in the course of providing the Service to I develop the Service and its other products and services, and (ii) share statistical data with its cooperation partners.

14. Jurisdiction and applicable law
(A) Contractual provisions are subject to Egyptian laws, and in the event of any contractual dispute, the competent court shall be located and substantively within the Arab Republic of Egypt to consider the dispute.
(b) Except as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, any dispute between the parties regarding the interpretation and implementation of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled amicably by negotiation.
(c) If the dispute cannot be settled in accordance with paragraph (b) above, the matter shall be settled at the request of either party by arbitration, through a single arbitrator to be appointed in accordance with the rules of the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration.
The arbitrator must be a person who is legally trained and has experience in the field of information technology and is independent of either party to the contract.

15. Clause of Severability
If a contractual provision is or becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable in any way, it must not affect or impair the legality, validity, or enforceability of any other provision of the Agreement; and if a contractual provision would be legal, valid, or enforceable if some of it were deleted, it must apply with the minimum modifications necessary to make it legal, valid, or enforceable.

16. Trademarks
All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, and all content information and designs contained in the electronic application and website are considered the property of the "SHAGEN" project, including the trademark of the project, and any infringement or violation of these rights is entitled to the "SHAGEN" project to take legal measures towards the infringer.